trump needs to remove cps

my family has had sometime off from doing this blog .my grand kids that were Alabama states care has been illegally adopted out my family is devastated by this. the governor of Alabama is not willing to do her job and look into the corruption in her state.neither is the senator of Alabama which leads me to believe that this officials are invoked in this legalized kidnapping.our leader trump may or may not be doing anything about this issue of cps kidnapping kids .he is to involved in the building of the wall .he needs to have a special task force to look at all the case since Clinton put in that bill giving cps all power .to see what ones are illegal and start undoing  what was done starting with the new case all the way back .i know most of those case are wrongfully done .trump then needs to remove all cps agency and start a task force for child abuse/neglect.and change the laws on people calling in so everyone has to leave there name address and phone number to turn anyone in and if its false they go to jail and have to pay a big fine for false reporting .the kids that have to take should first be offered to a family member no matter where the family members .parent should get help to try to  fix issue going on. before  the kids are removed .money should never enter in to whats best for the is always best .i am a low income person but i love my grand kids and i would have made sure they were taken care of they would have had a roof over there head clothes and food and toys but most of all they would have been loved .


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